Thailand is a beautiful country situated in Southeast Asia. The country is officially known as the ‘Kingdom of Thailand’ and historically known as ‘Siam’. During the historical period, many kings ruled here and the country witnessed many struggles. At the time of World War II, the Japanese occupied it. After that, the name ‘Siam’ converted to the name ‘Thailand’. Additionally, the word ‘Thai’ means ‘free man.'

Thailand shares its borders with Myanmar & Laos in the North, in the east Laos & Cambodia, and Malaysia in the south. Since 100 AD Buddhism practiced so you can watch the ascetic lifestyle of Monks here, on the other side having fun at beach parties.

Thai peoples are very hospitable and welcoming. Thai welcome visitors with a bright smile in the ‘Land of a Thousand Smiles’. Thailand serves you scrumptious cuisines inspired by Chinese and European tastes.

With Royal Palaces, sprawling gardens and magnificent architecture Thailand greets you to experience luxury. Feel relaxed in Spa, Sightseeing the volcanoes or visit wildlife here. If you want a holistic trip and a spiritual retreat, then you must visit Thailand.

Popular Places to Visit in Thailand:

  • Bangkok
  • Pattaya
  • Chiang Mai
  • Phi Phi Island
  • Phuket
  • Koh Samui
  • Vimanmek Mansion
Best time to Visit Thailand:

The climate varies in Eastern and western Thailand. Therefore you can visit any time you want. However, the best time to visit the country is the winter season. Hence, November to early April are comfortable for a trip when the days remain warm and the nights are pleasant.

In the winter, the sky remains clear and perfect for sightseeing or heritage site visits. If you want to witness winter festivals in Thailand, then must plan your trip from December to January.

April and May are very hot and humid in Thailand. But you can visit the country on a low budget at of seasons. In hot and wet seasons, many Thai festivals are celebrated like The Songkran festival in April, Hua Hin Hazz Festival in June, Queen Sirkit’s Birth anniversary in August, etc.

Tour Program: Visit Thailand: 6 Night & 7 Days

Day 1: Pattaya Arrival and Alcazar Show

Once you arrive at the Suvarnabhumi International Airport, Our representative will take you to Pattaya city. Then you will proceed to the previously booked hotel through a Private Sit Coach cab. After reaching the hotel, check-in & explore all the facilities. Then get settled, and have a delicious meal at the hotel. In the evening time, view the Alcazar Cabaret Show. It is a pleasurable entertainment terminus in Bangkok performed by professionals in captivating costumes. Here you can watch Russians, Persian Harlem, Aqua Playa, Le Jazz Hot, Fabulous Russia, Lola Want Love, and K-pop are some the entertainment shows over there.

Day 2: Pattaya Coral Island Tour

On the second day, explore the coral reefs on the island after breakfast. Explore Vimantaitalay; a tourist submarine operated to see the underwater marine life.

The hilly interior of the island and the fresh air treat you to a delightful experience. You can involve in a plethora of activities like water rides such as windsurfing, water skiing, snorkeling, and parasailing. The coral island has famous open-air restaurants that serve you the best continental food. Also, you will enjoy the taste of freshly cooked seafood there. At the end of the sightseeing for the day back to your resort for relaxation.

Day 3: Phuket Arrival and Leisure Day

After breakfast at the hotel, get ready for the airport to take a domestic flight to Phuket Island. Spend leisure on the island and explore the neighborhood.

In the evening, enjoy Phuket FantaSea which is a renowned show at the Kamala beach. This show is a Thai nighttime cultural theme park that exhibits the beauty of Thai heritage, cultural traditions, and ancient practices. Then you will appreciate an enticing evening of dining. Here, you can shop with friends or family. Within the 60-acre kingdom, it is bedazzling entertainment for all. It is open all day for tourists from all around the world.

Day 4: Phi Phi Islands Exploration

Post breakfast, you will set out to Phuket Island on a speed boat from the ferry port. On the Phi Phi Lee beaches, you can relax and get the sun under the trees. You can do so many activities on the shoreline. You can do snorkeling, parasailing, and windsurfing on the island. Then, swim in the shallow waters along the beachside. Also, you can enjoy fishing, feeding the fish, and enjoying the underwater life is Koh Khai Island. This place is the best for sightseeing and making sweet memories. The Phi Phi Don has delicious food. Enjoy the whole day spent on Phi Phi Island.

Day 5: Bangkok Arrival and Leisure Day

After breakfast, begin exploring the streets of Bangkok city. Walk leisurely wandering the city streets with your beloved ones. Visit heritage monuments beholding historical, traditional, and cultural importance. The ancient and the modern vestiges and monuments are awaiting you. Visit the traditional temples of Bangkok natives like the Wat Pho, Wat Phra Kaew, Wat Saket, and Wat Suthat temples. The National Gallery Museum, Reserve parks, 'Ripley’s Believe It or Not' museum, Botanical garden Vimanmek Mansion museum, and the Bangkok Noi museum are the prominent places to visit during the trip. There are centuries-old heritage sites and monuments. At the end of sightseeing move on to the cruise. Enjoy the privileged cruise's delectable dinner under the constellations.

Day 6: Bangkok Safari World and Marine Park

On day six, get ready for the trip to Safari World. On this day you will be guided by a local tourist guide. The guide will direct you on the full-day tour. There are two parts to the Safari World. In one part there is a Safari Park and on the other, there is the Marine Park.

The eight-kilometer of the Safari Park is landscaped with African-inspired structures and imitated Savanah. You can watch White Rhinoceros, Grant's Zebra, Impala, Gemsbok, Hippopotamus, and Ostrich. Also, you feel amused watching a large herd of Masai giraffes, Asiatic lions, and American Black Bear. In the marine park, you can watch seven different shows, which include Dolphin Show, Bird Show, Orangutan Boxing Show, Elephant Show, Seo Lion Show, Cowboy Stunt Show, and Spyware Show.

Here also you can go on Safari terrace and Jungle Cruise. Enjoy the Mid-day meal and travel allowances provided on this trip.

Day 7: The departure

After breakfast, you can appreciate your memories. Then meet the guide at your hotel. Next, you sit in a cab and will be dropped at the international airport. Arriving at the international airport, you will be directed to the international terminal. Return home with a refreshing and memorable trip to Thailand.

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